Eleven Runners

by Ryen Slegr

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Recorded between March 2008 and January 2009


released February 11, 2011

all songs written and recorded by Ryen Slegr. Some lyrics on 'mother mountain' by Jeff Burke. Drums performed by Jeff Burke on 'mother mountain'. Song title for 'forget the future' by Jeff Burke.



all rights reserved


Ryen Slegr Pasadena, California

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Track Name: old writers
back on my feet, for what it's worth
nothing making sense, par for the course
give me a bag I think I see a spider
well maybe you meant to, but just forgot

old writers, old writers, old writers see the best

I'll meet you downtown, I'll help you find a biter
the best things always come for free, but you've gotta try a little bit harder
and you can write the ending if you want to
love by the fire, flames of desire, and then we die at the end

old writers, old writers, old writers see the best
Track Name: coming over
emptiness divine
your broken heel
leaves that fall at night
a telephone call you make to me
I hear your voice, end this misery
I'm coming over, I'm coming over
where you left the key,
that faithful spider keeps it there for me,
oh run along
trip into the room, the gloomy heater warming your cocoon
I'm coming over, I'm coming over

well maybe you think that somethings wrong, but nothing's wrong
and maybe you think that somethings wrong, but nothing is
well baby you know it won't be long till something gives
you might find a dead man on your lawn, with nothing on
Track Name: keeping my distance
hello control is this part of the dance
six in a row, would you say I have a chance
when nobody here can save this town
big storm's put the shoreline in a trance
I'm keeping my distance
Won't the sun go down on the dirty old streets tonight
we'll be dressing up just to shine a little love on life
was the feeling bad? or did it hurt so good?
someone ought to keep their children home
I'm keeping my distance

you little run away

just an innocent trip
did you really think you saw the light
there was one last ship that never read the charts quite right
well, nobody cares what day it is
but they've got the perfect mix to blow your mind
I'm keeping my distance
Track Name: 10 KYA
tell me, are we losing ground
are you happier today
or the birds, do they sing more clearly
than they did for us back then
I know, the theories can't be proven but I still wish
I'd met you, ten thousand years agog

butterflies in a smoggy sky,
well they still seem to find a way, god willing
the crowded streets, all the burnt out losers
are you that different than me
TV sets filled with empty silhouettes like some disease
that touched me ten thousand years ago

whatever happened to that garden spade
the lazy Sundays and those plans that we made
ten thousand years ago
Track Name: what was the question?
I made out in the bathroom with her
At her women's studies feminist art show
And back at her apartment in the living room
She liked to cook she made me breakfast
Peanut butter toast without the crust
I buttoned up her cuffs and brushed her teeth for her
If love is the answer what was the question?
When school was out she left for Europe
To hang out with her friends and do some drugs
All girls are just like a dog when then run away
I hit the road to tour the states again
I got so many fans but not one friend
Oh man it seemed like that summer would never end
If love is the answer what was the question?
Track Name: black diamond
you used to walk down the street as if no one were there,
with the world at your feet, the sun in your hair
but how long can you last, how long can you shine?
black diamond was a friend of mine
black diamond you know that you are, black diamond